Lighting Features From Mason Jars
Fill two thirds of the jars with water and then place a tea candle on top. The candle will float. Add beads on the bottom for extra color and beauty.
A hanging jar lantern is easy to make. You just need some twine, large candles and jars. Wrap twine around them, make a knot and put the candle inside.
If you want, you can also make actual lamps with a light bulb. You have to attach the wiring and everything else to the lid after you punched holes in it
A mason jar can also be turned into a nice oil lamp. You just need to put oil in it, to make a hole in the lid and to add the cotton wick.
A wall sconce made with actual jars has a nice casual look and would look great in barns and rustic homes
Perfect for autumn, these jar candles make lovely decorations for the mantle or table. They have corn and peas at the bottom
One of the best things you could make with a mason jar is a garden lantern. Attach wire to the lid and make a hook for the tree. Put a tea candle inside and that’s all.
Mason jar candle holders can be attached to almost anything. You can hang them on the fence for example
Although a little more complex than a sconce, this jar chandelier is not that difficult to make if you have some spare time in a weekend.
This is also a chandelier made with mason jars but it has a nice rustic appeal and a more design, making it versatile.