How You Can Use Mason Jars In Bathroom
You can also turn a simple jar into a toothbrush holder. This way it will match the soap dispenser and you’ll have a set
A set of three items can include a soap dispenser, a storage jar and a toothbrush holder, all three made from simple mason jars
Also, you can make a jar dispenser for lotion. To distinguish between the two (for soap and for lotion) you can paint chalkboard labels on them.
Different jars with different shapes and sizes can be used to make larger sets. Use them for storing cotton balls, q tips and other bathroom supplies
Colored jars are wonderful for such projects. They add color to the bathroom and they look a little more stylish than transparent jars.
Other colors can look great as well. Just pick the one you like and make a nice set for the bathroom. You can even make it as a gift for someone