Plants and Flowers In mason Jars
With a piece of wood and some mason jars you can make a lovely vertical garden for your home. It takes little space and you can put it anywhere you want.
To make the planters more attractive, you can paint the jars. Choose bold colors and you’ll get a wonderful display for the window or mantel.
The lids of the jars can be used as plates and you can make planters with drainage system. Your plants will be happy and your home will look fresh
If you decide to use transparent jars as planters then you can layer the soil and everything else beautifully. It would be a nice housewarming gift.
Put moss on top of the soil to give the planter a more beautiful look. The lid will keep everything in place and the moss will keep moisture in.
Something as simple as painting a mason jar can make it look completely different. You can use it as a vase.
After painting the jars you can also decorate them with a nice burlap flower or other small accessories
The colors of the jars, in this case vases, can match the flowers you put in them for a more cohesive effect
Wrap a piece of thread around the jar and make a bow. It’s a simple detail that can turn it into a lovely table centerpiece.
You can use painted mason jars as vases and display them on the mantle or on the table for special events.