Mason Jars In Wedding Décor
Colored jars are more suitable as wedding table vases as centerpieces. Choose the color that matches the theme of the event.
To make the jars/vases match the theme and the décor of the wedding you can also paint them.
Decorate the jars with twine, ribbon or burlap to make them look more chic. You can also put tags on them with the table numbers
Depending on how large you want the centerpieces to be, you can choose different shapes and sizes for the jars
Transparent jars are wonderful if you’re using flowers in pastel and light shades. In this case, the jar was also decorated with lace.
You can create a very nice green centerpiece décor for the wedding tables and you can use moss, twigs, leaves, etc.
Jars are great not just as vases for the wedding. They can also be used as decorations or the chairs.
You can hang the jars from the chairs and they’ll become lovely vases. Attach them with wire or rope.
To save space on the tables and to also be original, you can write the table numbers on the jars or on the burlap used for decorate them.
Similarly, you can put tags on the jars with the table numbers written on them. Inside you can out flowers or candles.