Interesting Ideas for a Bar Space
Let’s just get real here for a minute. Got a basement but nowhere to put a bar? Think again. That space under the stairs can be strategically utilized to provide a convenient – and classy – basement bar space. Think: racks to store glassware and shelves and/or cubbies to store your bottles.
Incorporate a great backsplash into your basement bar design. Because the square footage is likely to be small, you should look to splurge on something that really makes a statement
To keep within your budget, consider incorporating a mirror as a (faux) architectural feature – stone framing around an arched mirror adds major impact for little cost. Secondly, and perhaps equally important, a popcorn machine.
An interesting detail – like this metal siding used in the basement bar space here – makes a small, simple space feel impressive and important. (And so pretty!)
A minimal design scheme complete with plenty of clean lines creates a structured yet airy feel, even in the most underground of basement bars. Notice the impact of lighting above- and below-cabinets as well.