Ideas For Stylish Mini Bar
You can find room for it in the kitchen. Perhaps you can let it sit on a shelf, on the counter or on top of the microwave oven. A tray is a simple way to keep everything organized and ready to be used whenever guests are coming over.
You can keep the tray in the living, casually resting on the table or media unit. Or maybe you can design the living room furniture in such a way that it includes storage for stemware and the tray is just a way to keep all the bottles in one place, ready to be moved around.
When none of the options presented above suits your home or your preferences, there’s one more option you can try: a DIY project. For example try turning an Expedit desk from Ikea into a chic bar for your living room. Use the desk extension and add-on and add an undercabinet stemware rack and wine bottle racks.
Or perhaps you’d like to turn your old bookcase into a bar. You just have to embellish it a little bit. Sand down the piece, prime it, paint it and decorate the interior with wrapping paper, wallpaper or whatever else you want to use. Add the storage racks for bottles and stemware