Pool Houses To Be Proud Of And Inspired By
Featuring a modern and sophisticated design, Villa Origami is a residence built in Mallorca, Spain. It was completed in 2014 and it has a swimming pool that runs along the wooden deck in front of the residence. The design then continues with a green lawn and a small garden. To cope with the sloped site, the architects elevated the front of the house and designed a sculptural staircase which leads up to a sheltered outdoor lounge space.
Mallorca is also home to another contemporary pool house. This one was designed by Andreas Hummel Architekt and sits on a 12,60 sq ft area, on a site in the west coast bay of Santa Ponsa. The house is L-shaped and its adjacent exterior walls shelter a large swimming pool that covers almost the entire back yard.
Architect David Barr designed an extension for a residence located in Claremont, Australia. The extension was completed in 2016 and serves as a modern addition along a large swimming pool. The flat roof which connects it to the main house extends to form a sheltered outdoor living area which doubles as a poolside lounge. The extension continues into the garden and delineates the courtyard, lawn, outdoor dining space and pool.
Lap pools are a good option when the space available on the site is limited. An interesting example in this sense is the modern bungalow designed by HYLA Architects in Singapore. The architects actually had to remodel and reorganize a semi-detached house. The lap pool runs along the interior social area. Sliding glass walls separate the two functions and bring the outdoors in.
Who needs a pool when your house is so close to the water, right? Not exactly. The Picture Frame House designed by DSDG Inc. Architects has both a waterfront view and a swimming pool. The pool is sheltered between the house and a green wall lined with trees. When not relaxing by the pool, the owners can go out on the terrace which hovers above the water.
The swimming pool’s shape is meant to evoke nature’s charm and to create a zen and relaxing ambiance on the outdoor deck. A small garden mimics a similar form and the two complement each other. We’re talking about a contemporary villa located in Bordighera, Italy. It was designed by NG – Studio and it impresses with its refined balance between natural beauty and sophisticated architecture.
Designed to be sunny, cheerful and relaxing, the private residence located in Florida is eclectic and beautiful in more than one way. The large pool that occupies a big portion of the back yard is flanked by a green lawn and a terrace that wraps around the sides. The outdoor spaces are large and numerous and the interior is linked to them through glazed facades.
What better way to emphasize a gorgeous view of a valley than with an infinity pool or a suspended deck that overlook the panorama and introduce the user into the hearth of nature and everything around them? Caramel Architekten designed this gorgeous private home in 2015. It’s located in Linz, Austria and it’s a wonderful pool house.
There are lots of different types of houses with pools. The connection between the pool and the house can be made in various ways. Atelier 111 designed a family home in the Czech Republic which doesn’t have interior spaces that open directly onto the pool area. The swimming pool is placed some distance away from the interior spaces, with a wooden deck connecting it to the glass door.
Most of the time, a deck or terrace serves as a buffer between the swimming pool and the interior spaces. That’s the case with this residence in California. It’s designed by Fieldman Architecture and was built around a large oak tree. The house sits on a slope and the pool overlooks the valley and the forest, being shaded by the trees that grow in its proximity.