Pool Houses To Be Proud Of
By comparison, the contemporary family home designed by Jarchitecture in Victoria, Australia features a very strong connection between its indoor and outdoor spaces. The swimming pool is nestled between decks and the exterior wall of the house. The terraced design places various features and functions at different levels, giving each own a unique character and differentiating them from each other.
Villa N by Giordano Hadamik Architects is partially built into the hillside, featuring two subterranean volumes. This design strategy indirectly made the outdoor spaces stand out more. The swimming pool, for example, is quite eye-catching. It’s embedded in an elevated platform that levels out the sloped land.
The decision to raise the pool instead of embedding it into the ground is interesting in the case of this modern home in Melbourne, Australia. The residence was completed in 2016 by Austin Maynard Architects. The pool is L-shaped and follows the house’s architecture and it clad in wood just like the building.
The infinity pool is the perfect place from where to admire the expansive water view unfolding in front of this stunning home in Chile. The house is called Casa Paravicini and was designed by Cristian Hrdalo in 2014. The pool sits in the continuation of a wooden deck and is perched above a second lower deck.
The sloping site on which the Ledgewood Residence was built allowed the architects to develop an informal three-story design. The pool house plans included a series of decks and terraces connected by stairs and a dramatic double-height foyer. The pool is situated at the back being complemented by a wooden deck and a green lawn. All the interior spaces that overlook this area have full-height windows. This was a project by LDa Architecture & Interiors and the house is located in Weston, Massachusetts.
Villa Mistral is an amazing project by Mercurio Design Lab. Located in Singapore, the residence is a waterfront property with bold, contemporary architecture. A raised pool is overlooked by the sloped facade which appears to be looking down on it. The odd angles, clean lines and intriguing forms make the house stand out and since the neighboring residences are not too boring either it actually integrates here really well.
This modern home was completed in 2012 by Raulino Silva Arquitecto. It’s a private home in Vila do Conde, Portugal. The local landscape, sunlight exposure and sloping terrain were carefully analyzed before the design was created. The result was a minimalist and sculptural house with an open deck at the back connected to a pool, all sheltered by privet hedges.
Featuring views of a lake at the front and a large pool at the back, this residence is closely linked to its surroundings. The green roof, wood-clad facade and living walls are other elements that support this idea. The project is called Casa Enseada and was designed by Arquitetura Nacional in Xangri-La, Brazil.
Located in Omaha, New Zealand, this contemporary residence was designed by architect Julian Guthrie. It has one of those pool house designs that inspire through simplicity. It was designed to serve as a spacious holiday home with large guest areas and plenty of entertainment spaces. The pool comes as an extension of the deck and lawn.
Usually, the pool is situated on ground level but every once in a while we come across an uncommon design which features a rooftop pool. One such case is Villa La Madone designed by A2CM in collaboration with Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati. The house is located in France and was built here in 2013. it has a sculptural form with a rooftop covered partially by grass and plants and partially by a swimming pool.