Pool Houses
This is Casa T, a house designed by Studio Arquitectos in Tulum, Mexico. The house has a lap pool that runs along one side of the house, sitting adjacent to the bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be accessed directly from there rooms but also from the exterior, being situated at the end of a garden walkway. The pool is partially covered by the cantilevered upper floor of the residence.
Featuring a really chic and stylish interior, the AA House also has matching exterior features. A large swimming pool sits at the end of the backyard garden. A lawn section with square stone tiles connects it to a covered social area with comfortable chairs, sofas and a dining table. The pool itself has a shallow lounge area at one end, perfect for enjoying the sun while being close to the water. The house was designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects.
Most swimming pools are rectangular but not that of the Trousdale Estates contemporary home designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects. This sculptural residence is located in Beverly Hills, California and its pool has an interesting shape with oval lines and an organic and yet well-defined look. It’s surrounded by a large desk with comfortable seating and one has a raised Jacuzzi tub built into it.
As the water in the pool is reflected into the roof edges of this modern home in Victoria, Australia, a beautiful visual effect is created. The effect is highlighted by the glass doors and panels which make the whole backyard appear larger. The residence was designed by InForm and the project was completed in 2015.
Built to be flush with the wooden deck that wraps itself around it, the pool built for the Terraville House occupies about half of the backyard space, leaving enough room for a lovely garden or, in this case, a green lawn. The house was designed by AT Arquitetura and is located in Brasil, on a site measuring 350 square meters.
This gorgeous retreat can be found in Maryland, USA. It’s a private residence designed by Robert Gurney Architect and its ground floor functions as an office. As a result, the pool was raised to be adjacent to the social spaces. They dialogue with each other through full-height glass windows and a wooden deck that matches the roof of the residence. The pool is suspended and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding forest.
The A’tolan House designed by the Create + Think studio is surrounded by a lot of rocks and vegetation. It’s located in Taiwan, close to the Pacific Ocean, on a sloping site. At the bottom of the property is a V-shaped pool adjacent to a large wooden deck. From there the house is terraced and features a second deck overlooking the pool and the ocean beyond.
Privacy was very important in the case of the Elizabeth II Residence designed by Bates Masi Architects. The interior is insulated from the sound of the village and solid walls also offer lots of privacy. But while the interior spaces are wrapped in a shell, the backyard is very open. It has a pool with a small deck and not much else, being surrounded by a simple green lawn. The house is located in Amagansett, New York.
Casa R&D is a residence in Brasilia, Brazil. It was designed and built here in 2014 by Esquadra|Yi. The site is occupied by a single-story structure where the social and service areas are situated while at the back of the property there’s a two-story building that houses five bedrooms, a study and a living room. The two are placed perpendicularly and they shelter an L-shaped pool wrapped around a large planter.
Sliding glass doors connect the master bedroom of the Peters Path House to a backyard and a swimming pool. The house is located in East Hampton, New York. It was designed by Bruce D. Nagel in 2006. The pool is flanked on one side by a green lawn furnished with lounge chairs and umbrellas.