Houses with openair pools
A vast infinity pool expands beyond the open deck of the White House, a residence designed by Studio MK27 and completed in 2014. The house is located in Sao Sebastiao, in Brazil and is surrounded by lush greenery. One of the defining features of its design is the series of lattice walls which pivot and open to connect the interior dining area to the garden.
Built on a gentle slope, the stunning house designed by Swatt | Miers Architects has everyone one can dream of. The spacious and beautiful interior spaces are complemented by large outdoor areas and a long swimming pool along a wooden deck. Full-height windows and glass walls minimize the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces, making the transition smooth and natural.
Dense vegetation and stunning views are the things that inspired the designers of Villa Padma to raise the residence and to put more emphasis on the upper levels and the outdoor features. That’s why the lap pool is not on ground level and why there seems to be an overwhelmingly large outdoor area organized on decks and terraces. The villa is located in Phuket, Thailand.
The AP House is a beautiful stone structure built in Sondrio, Italy by Rocco Borromini. It was completed in 2015 although its design speaks of a different era. The exterior is clad in stone and this gives the house a somewhat medieval look. The interior, however, is modern and cozy. The spaces are organized around a courtyard which at the center has a small pool which could more acurately be described as a pond.
A lovely zen garden and a series of old trees create a very relaxing and pleasant ambiance, suggesting that it must be the same inside this beautiful house we found in Catalonia, Spain. The residence was designed by Costa Calsamiglia Arquitecte and it’s called the Thomsen House. The garden offers a nice view at the front of the house while a pool and an outdoor dining area occupy the rear of the site.
This is a house that has only one floor. The single-story modern residence was designed by Josep Camps and Olga Felip and is called Villa Sifera. It can be found in Catalonia, Spain. The bedrooms are directly connected to a large outdoor deck and an infinity pool and some also have a view of the garden. Small courtyards are spread throughout the residence, bringing the outdoors in.
The site on which the Cove 6 residence was built is dreamy and exquisite, mostly because of the amazing ocean view it offers. The vacation home was designed by SAOTA Architects in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. As the ocean expands in front of the house, gentle hills and slopes unfold everywhere around it.
Architecture studio Kobi Karp designed a wonderful tropical retreat in Miami, Florida. The Floating Eaves Residence has just the right amount of open outdoor spaces and cozy and comfortable indoor areas. It also has a large swimming pool with an L-shaped wooden deck wrapped around it. This is a waterfront property that fully enjoys its location.
In 2011 Wunschhaus Architektur completed a contemporary private residence in Hinterbruhl, Austria. The residence has a minimalist and sculptural design and is nestled between dense trees and a forest with lovely views. The house is raised to cope with the sloping terrain. The pool was also raised to be brought to the same level as the wooden deck.
The outdoor area is almost as big as all the indoor spaces combined. We’re talking about House JJ, a residence designed by Obra Arquitetos in Sao Paulo. It sits on a steep site which means the entry and the main areas are actually situated on the top level. that’s also where the swimming pool sits, being complemented by a very large deck. From up here, the views of the valley are breathtaking.