Pool Houses To Be Inspired By
It’s easy to notice a correlation between the curved forms of the Private House in Perugia Italy and the soft hills that surround it. In fact, a lot of the features in its design are inspired by the nature and landscape. This also includes the pool which has a nice organic form. The house was designed by Giammetta Architects.
In 2013, BAK Arquitectos completed a project called Two Houses Conesa. As the name suggests, two houses were designed and built. They’re located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and they each have separate swimming pools and small gardens with cozy decks and social spaces. The design as a whole is clean, simple, modern and inspired by nature.
The rooftop of the Naman Residence is where a gorgeous sunken seating area and the infinity edge pool are situated. The residence is located in Da Namg, Vietnam and it was designed and built here by MIA Studio. It’s part of a larger project which involves a total of 40 villas of four different types. The focus in this case was on offering privacy while also maximizing the outdoor spaces and the view towards the sea.
The story of Casa Privata, a modern residence in Faenza, Italy, starts in 1938 when the original farmhouse was built. Recently, the house was renovated and extended by Bartoletti Cicognani in 2013. The main goal was to keep the appearance of the building unchanged using modern methods. The extension is quite contrasting in this sense. A wall was added next to the pool, its role being to ensure proper ventilation and to connect and conceal the spaces.
As much as the design of this residence tries to place it in context and to connect it to its surroundings, the fact remains that Casa El Maqui stands out in a rather dramatic way. It was built in Valparaiso, Chile by GITC arquitectura in 2014. Because the area is in a protected natural reserve, it was important to preserve the landscape and ecosystems as much as possible, hence the unusual form and architecture. A lovely feature is the garden which, as the client demanded, is centered around water.
The Cool Blue Villa is a residence designed y 123DV. It’s located in Marbella, Spain and has minimalist architecture. From a distance, it looks as if a the house is formed by undulating a concrete ribbon which starts from the edge of the poolside terrace and ends up on the roof. The pool is an interesting feature, having clear edges on two sides.
Nature in general and water in particular are two elements that shaped the design of House I, a private residence located in Munich, Germany. It was designed by Stephan Maria Lang and has an L shape, featuring a seven meter high white wall at the front meant to offer privacy. At the back, a lap pool is placed perpendicularly to the house, partially sheltered under the cantilevered roof.
Looking at Villa WRK from a certain angle, it looks as if the bedroom is dipped in water. A portion sits just above the water in the pool and it’s a really cool look. The house was designed in 2011 by Parametr Architecture and it’s located in Bali, Indonezia. It has an elegant design with classical and modern influences.
In order to understand the history of this modern residence, we need to go back to 1917 when a tower was first built here. It has a view towards the city and then in the 1960s a single-story addition was built. In 2015 the latest transformation was made by Andreas Martin-Lof Arkitekter. The house now has a larger floor plan and an infinity pool that looks over the trees and landscape. The project is called Aspvik and is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
La Lucia is a residence built in an area with string environmental controls which the architects at SAOTA together with interior design studio Antoni Associates had to take into consideration. They built the house on the north coast of the Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa and the main goal was to camouflage it into the surroundings as best as possible. The facades mimic the bark on the trees and the leaves of the forest and the pool and tub are naturally nestled within a wooden deck.