Designs of openair pools
When the ocean unfolds in front of your eyes like it does for this villa in Cape Town, South Africa, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. The residence was designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors in a way that allows it to make the most of the views. An open terrace extends the living area towards the ocean and ends with an infinity edge pool.
Featuring a compact, cube-shaped form, Casa Sauc takes viewers by surprise by extending towards the back and forming a protective canopy and wall around the outdoor area. From out here, the view is amazing. The surroundings can also be admired from the pool area. The house was designed by NOEM in 2013 and is situated in Barcelona, Spain.
Don’t be deceived by the rustic-looking wooden shell of this farmhouse in Austin, Texas. Its interior is modern, fresh and bright. Completed by Shiflet Group Architects and Glynic Wood Interiors, the house is composed of two separate structures linked by a glass and metal bridge. They share an outdoor pool and tub and vast outdoor living spaces.
Tall coconut trees rise high above this contemporary home in Palm Springs, California. The house was designed by OJMR Architects and it’s a single-story structure with large windows and glass walls facing the outdoor pool and the surrounding landscape. The design is breezy and fresh both inside and outside the house, maintaining a bright and relaxed atmosphere.
Behind the traditional facade of the Kooyong House lies, well, a traditional interior. The mansion is located in Melbourne, Australia and was designed by Schulberg Demkiw Architects. It has an open floor plan and a décor with modern influences. However, it stays true to its style. The ambiance is more relaxed and casual out in the back yard where a large swimming pool and various lounge areas can be found.
Bavaria in Germany is home to a lovely little house designed by Despang Schlupmann Architekten. It’s a modern house with a small pool at the back, a wooden deck that wraps around it and a wood-clad exterior that shelters the cozy interior spaces. On the ground floor, one of the corners of the house serves as a covered outdoor dining space.
The brief in this case was to design a luxury villa that wasn’t constraint about the conditions on the site. JaK Studio created Villa Brash, a hilltop residence with a beautiful view over the bay of Saint Tropez in France. The project was completed in 2015. The architecture is simple and uses a combination of materials meant to complement each other. A large swimming pool follows the gentle slope towards the bottom of the site.
In 2015 OB Architecture completed the renovation of a private residence located in Surrey, England. The project is called Wayside and the house remains true to its history but also takes a big step towards modernism. While the exterior is traditional, the interior is a bit simplified and with classical and modern accents. A similar style also defines the pool and its adjacent spaces.
The balance between architecture and its landscape context is not easy to achieve and the strategies used to do that are different every time. Casa Bosque Real 4 Puntos is located in Mexico City and was designed by MAZ Arquitectos. Finding the right balance between nature and architecture was definitely a challenge. The house was built with small courtyards, large windows and an expansive garden with a pool.
In order to make the most of the views and to offer the optimal amount of sunlight, Casa MCO occupies one of the sides of the plot on which it was built by architecture studio Esquadra|Yi. The site measures only 700 square meters and one of the demands of the clients was for the house to have an outdoor lounge zone which could be accessed from all the areas inside the house. The solution was a longitudinal garden with a small desk and a pool.