Ideas For a Successful Man Cave Decor
One way to give character to a man cave is through walls. By that we mean you can paint them a fun color, cover them in stone or wood or decorate them with artwork, posters or collectibles. This textured wall and the earth tones give the space a warm and cozy feel.
Turning a barn into a man cave is a wonderful idea. All the wood on the walls, floor and ceiling makes it feel really welcoming. You don’t have to cover up the walls. In fact, they stand out more if you don’t.
Textured or patterned wallpaper is the perfect design solution when you want to add some character to a space such as a home office. Give the space a masculine but elegant vibe. Make the walls black and add a few golden accents.
Use shelves to display your collections and memorabilia. This is a really simple way to personalize the space and to display the things that make you happy. Of course, they’d have to fit there so we’re talking about small objects like action figures.
Decorate the walls however you like. For example, if you enjoy hunting as a hobby or sport, you can display trophies on one of the walls. Add some accent lighting to give the collection a dramatic look.
This type of decoration is something you can adapt, depending on your location, preferences, etc. it’s made of baseball bats which have been painted and organized in a way that, as a whole, makes them look like a flag.
Do you like fishing? Then perhaps you’d like to adapt this wall decoration and turn it into something beautiful for the wall in your own man cave. The pictures can be a reminder of all the fun things you’ve done over the years.
What kind of a man cave doesn’t have a bar, right? Well, although it isn’t absolutely necessary to have one in order to feel awesome in your basement, a bar is definitely a great feature. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be there.
If there’s enough space, you can have a bar with a fridge, glass racks, wine coolers and everything. This one is L-shaped are perfect for corners. The bar stools are quite interesting. They’re robust and have that striking industrial allure and yet they’re stylish.
Actually, the bar doesn’t have to be an indoor feature. It would definitely be wonderful if your man cave also had a patio, backyard or terrace you could use for entertainment.