DIY Easy And Cheap Mason Jar Projects
My personal favorite and the number one project is this amazing and very ingenious creation. I would never thought of this, not in a million years. It’s a simple as it looks. Take one Mason Jar , your favorite picture, preferably a black and white one for a cool effect and fill the jar with oil, a spring of dried lavender make it also smell nice. This amazing photo frame is a personal decorative element that fills your place with warmth. It is very simple and works like a charm in a romantic environment.
The second interesting DIY project involving Mason jars is represented by these hanging vases. People have been using these jars as a vase since they first appeared. Their vintage look is perfect for this such projects. With some rope and wires you can easily create a hanging vase. You don’t even need a tutorial for this because is so simple and the picture says everything. This is a perfect way to bring into your home fresh floral notes in a really cool way, with a really cool vase.
Another cool project, similar with the one above is this chandelier made out from gorgeous 3 Manson jars, a white chain for support and some long, cylindrical light bulbs. It looks fabulous and most of all, this vintage chandelier can be used in any interior. This is a little bit more difficult to construct because you’re dealing with electrical wires and electricity and you need to be extra careful and have basic electrical knowledge, but the rest should be piece of cake.
Obviously, chandeliers are the most common idea when we Mason jars are involved. The really interesting thing is that there are as many and as different chandeliers as the people making them. Everybody has a different idea and a different technique to construct their own DIY project. This one for example consists of an old bike wheel and of course Mason jars of different sizes and placed on different level as a support for little candles. Another cool project for romantics everywhere.
Mason jars are great for storage. After all, this is why they were designed for. Storing spices in these jars is now a very cool thing among DIY lovers and indeed is something to be proud of, especially if you did yourself. Capable of holding large quantities of spices and really inexpensive these jars will defiantly look great on your spice rack.
Chandeliers made of mason jars are always great-looking but when somebody shows you this particularly chandelier you will erase instantly all the things you knew about chandeliers and set this one as the Holy Grail of Chandeliers. Charming tiny baby food jars are secured on a cute medieval ironwork and with a lot of imagination look at the result. Despite on how it looks, this project is very cheap and easy to build, especially if you have a newborn in the family. So, a rusty chain, baby food jars and some twisted wire are the main ingredients to a great project.
For this DIY project you need an old chandelier to strip it and add your own elements instead. It’s a little bit tricky to do and you will need several materials, but nothing you can’t find at a local store. The Mason Jars need to be drilled and screwed to the bobeches, then add a layer of aqua glass paint on the jars and the chandelier structure. After that, add some light inside the jars and there is nothing left to do except hanging it on a patio and enjoy your newly created mood light.
For the outside area of your house the possibilities of DIY projects grow exponentially. Take this for example. A beautiful rustic ladder is hanged in place by simple chains and beneath Mason jars to create a tremendous good looking rustic lantern hanger. To make things easy for yourself, use C –clamps to attach how many jars you like. Also , the project leaves room to other decorative elements that go hand-in-hand with your theme. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the result will be astonishing.
If we take these individual element separately, none of them represent something new, but put together a totally new object is born: a bathroom towel holder with a built-in vase for fresh flowers. If you have around your house some scrap wood, a few screws and one pipe clamp to fix the vase on its holder you can start working. Paint the wood, fix the hooks and you have got yourself a unique piece of furniture. The whole process won’t take a lot of your time and the costs are almost zero.
This design over here is not very different from the one above but is destined to a whole different purpose. It is an organizer from Mason jars and other similar glass containers. As we can see in this picture, the bathroom is always the place that needs a little bit of order. These containers provide storage space and thanks to their nature you can see whatever is going on inside, for example is very easy to spot if your are out of cotton swabs for your ears. This is also a very easy and inexpensive DIY project.