Essential Elements For Your Basement Bar
There are two must have elements to make a basement bar work for you: storage space and surface space. Installing a few kitchen cabinets in the basement is the perfect way to create a bar that is efficient in size and available space. Plus you get another spot to decorate and who can say no to that?
Looking for simple and affordable storage for your basement bar? Go for a bookcase. All those shelves will be perfect for holding all your glasses and bottles and little signs with quotes about wine.
Depending on your beverage consumption, you want to be sure you have the right kind of space for storing your bottles. Having a cabinet for all the hard liquors and another space for wine storage can make your basement bar look really professional.
Seating is important no matter what room you’re designing, but in a basement, you want it to be especially inviting. Add a counter to your bar with stools to create the bar-like experience right in your own home.
Is your home a haven of rusticity? Keep those vibes going in your basement too. Build your bar out of rustic barn wood and avoid staining or sealing to keep that wonderful grainy texture. Bonus points if you get your wood for free.
If you want to make your bar stand out, you want to have it set in. Build a little cubby or use one you already have to really highlight your basement bar as it’s own special area. Line with barstools and you have a space that’s a safe grownup hangout while the kids play beside you.
Maybe you have the bar counter ready to go and you just have to figure out storage. Head to the hardware store and install some simple open shelves yourself. You can be filling them and styling them by the end of the night with just a screwdriver and an extra pair of hands.
If you really want your basement bar to be efficient, you’ll want to splurge on some extra luxuries. A small fridge will help you keep drinks at their desired temperature and a sink will make cleanup simple and fast. Even just those two amenities will make your life easier before and after the party.
If you’re wanting your basement bar to have a more formal look, you must install backsplash. Backsplash immediately means business. You can have a wild party and easily wipe away splashes and spills after the guests leave.
Have you thought about making your basement bar more than only a bar? If you have guests quarters in your basement, consider adding an oven and large fridge to create a kitchenette alongside your bar accessories. It will also make hosting a breeze since you can do all your prep where the party will be instead of running up and down stairs.