Concrete Floors Make Living Rooms Look Stunning
This house from Aarhus, Denmark has a living space that looks very warm and cozy, despite its polished concrete floor and accent wall. It’s because these elements are balanced out by the brown leather upholstery on the L-shaped bench and the pastel-colored patchwork rug.
A different strategy was used by Cornerstone Architects when they designed this residence in Austin, Texas. To give the living room a warm and cozy ambiance while keeping the decor simple, they combined a polished concrete floor with a wood-clad accent wall and neutral-colored furniture and carpeting.
A pattern is already starting to emerge: the combination of wood and concrete, two materials that complement each other beautifully and in every sense. Exposed concrete was used extensively by Henri Cleinge in the design of this home from Montreal, Canada but so was wood. These two materials define both the interior and the exterior living spaces.
A similar strategy was used by Isern Associats for this house in Sant Pol de Mar, Spain. However, the contrast between the polished concrete floors and the wood-clad walls is quite subtle. In a way, that means there’s not a lot of warmth given out by the wood yet the texture is still there. A great design strategy for minimalist and Nordic-inspired decors.
Even without the warmth of wood, a living space with polished concrete flooring can look welcoming and comfortable. It’s the big picture that matters, the textures and finishes used, the color tones and the very elements involved in the design. Check out this simplistic residence renovated by Federico Delrosso Architects and be inspired.
Parsonson Architects were in charge of designing an extension to a house originally built in the early 1900s in Wellington, New Zealand. They chose to give the interior living spaces concrete floors and to use wood for the outdoor spaces. It’s an interesting way of establishing harmony between all these areas.
When they designed this home in the Czech Republic, OOOOX used the concrete floors to give the living area a sophisticated and modern look. The bare ceiling has a similar effect on the decor. Further more, the color palette is neutral and the lighting is spot on and these details influence the overall design and ambiance in a similar manner.
The drawback of concrete floors is that they feel cold and hard underfoot. Instead of seeing that as a disadvantage, Incorporated Architecture & Design took this opportunity to introduce some really cool area rugs into the design of this modern New York home which they completed in 2013.
There’s a ton of ways in which to make concrete floor blend in naturally. When designing this house from Sydney, Tzannes Associates used a combination of strategies. They added wood accent walls and furniture pieces , kept the color palette neutral and gave the open kitchen a large island that’s also made of concrete.
This is a case where the name defines the house in a very cool and literal way. This is the Heavy Metal Residence, a home designed by Hufft Projects. It’s located in Missouri and its design is a combination of glass, steel and concrete. The idea was to capture the beauty of the rugged landscape and to translate it into modern architecture.