Get Creative – Fun And Unusual Design Ideas For Fences
Don’t want the fence to stand out? Then let it blend with the surroundings. A mirrored fence will reflect the landscape and will basically disappear into the background. Of course, it will remain very real so its basic characteristics will remain the same.
Correlating the fence posts with pencils or crayons is a very interesting idea. It’s a concept you can use when designing a fence for a playground, kindergarten or if you simply want your fence to look cute and colorful.
When we refer to bike fences, we’re not talking about fences designed to let you park your bike but actual fences made of bike parts. When you think about it, it’s an unusual but actually usable idea because most of us have one or two old bikes just taking up space. So put them to good use.
Another interesting correlation is between a fence and a piano. The idea is actually very simple. Think of the boards on the fence as piano keys. So either paint them accordingly or paint the fence white and add the little black keys at the end.
There are numerous other interesting correlations you can make and ideas you can use. For example, pick a theme you really like such as sports, card games, graffiti, etc. Then try to transpose that theme into a usable design you can use for the fence.