Serpentine stone walls and fences – a stylish alternative for beautiful homes
Serpentine stone walls don’t really belong in any category. They have multiple characteristics, one of which is their ability to make a property look beautifully from the start. The great thing about them is that their design can be adapted to any conditions present on the site and they also stand out just with their natural qualities. As you can see in the pictures, the design for such a wall is not at all complicated. The only materials needed are wire and stone. The serpentine stone is piled up and held together with wire.
The result is an unexpectedly beautiful look that has contrasting features. It’s both industrial and natural. Outdoor stone fences are not a new trend. They have been admired for a long time and they are actually quite popular. However, there aren’t many stone fences around because they can be not only expensive but also quite difficult to care for. Still, the impact they have is not something you want to miss.