How To Customize Your Outdoor Areas With Plant Privacy Screens
Consider having a green fence made of shrubs and small trees delimiting your social perimeter.
This idea works great if the location is also suitable. For instance, a few lovely plants and flowers can only enhance a panoramic view over a vast green landscape.
A way to move the greenery to the desired location is with large planters. You can even plant trees in these ones and use them to gain privacy when using the outdoor areas.
The plants and planters also have the role to embellish the deck, patio or any other area you’re using. You can decorate the pots, paint them and integrate them into a more complex design.
Hedge walls are a nice way to define an outdoor space and give it an organic, natural look. It’s actually more effective than a wooden fence.
It seems that you can also add a hedge extension to an existing fence or wall. This is in case you need more privacy from a tall neighboring building or if simply you want the sun to have no power over you regardless or the time of the day.
Though it may not seem very practical to have a metal privacy screen out in the garden or yard, this is also an option to consider. You can build a tin accent wall and perhaps it will blend in well.
Since you’re trying to gain more privacy for your outdoor spaces, why not take advantage of that and use this opportunity to add a water feature for example? The pleasant ambient sound will help you relax.
This herringbone privacy screen is pretty cool. It seems like something you could make yourself using recycled materials. The worn finish gives it a really charming look, perfect for rustic decors.
Want a bit of flexibility when using privacy screens outdoors? How about sliding panels? You can adjust their position according to the position of the sun or your own preferences.