Ideas for openair pools
Situated on a small corner plot, at the meeting point of two streets, the White Curbes House is surrounded by family homes and apartment buildings and in a way it’s up to it to make the transition between them. It was a project by at26 architecture & design. At the back, the elongated house has a small and oddly-shaped yard with enough space for a small pool and a deck.
Contemporary and traditional architecture are combined in an elegant and balanced manner and the result of that process is the Musk Creek Flinders residence, a house renovated by Canny Architecture. Its traditional exterior shell and modern interior are completed by a rectangular pool at the back. It’s framed by a low fence and a few small trees and planters.
The fact that it’s built on a steep slope has a lot to do with the design and organization of this modern house in Vancouver, Canada. The house offers panoramic views of the surroundings and its interior spaces are balanced out by a very large outdoor space which also includes a swimming pool among the tree tops. This was a project by BattersbyHowat Architects.
The swimming pool is a very beautiful feature of the Cove Residence. The house was built in the Hamptons, New York by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects. It’s been organized into two volumes separated by a hallway at the center. At the back a wooden deck is sinuously built around the pool and continues to form a pathway that leads down to the edge of the water.
This lovely house is the result of the collaboration between Czarl Architects and Mink Architects, two studios that worked together to create a design for a home where three generations can comfortably live under the same roof. The house has glazed walls that open it to the outdoors and cantilevered volumes that shelter a pool nicely framed by a wooden deck.
The clients that requested this contemporary residence wanted it to be centered around a large open space which could be enjoyed all year long. As a result, DADA & Partners created a design that’s organized around a swimming pool and its adjacent spaces. The house is located in New Delhi, India and serves as a tropical retreat ideal for entertaining and relaxation.
You can come across this unusual house in Bulgaria. It was built here in 2015 by I/O Architects. A protective shell of gabion walls partially shelters the interior which is only separated from the beautiful views by a series of clear glass walls. The upper floor rises above the rest and looks over the swimming pool at the back.
Villa K is a house that uses its location in a very interesting way. The sloped site on which it stands is in a clearing surrounded by forests. The slightly elevated deck sits parallel to the flat roof and a lamp pool is built perpendicularly to the house, being embedded into the slope and partially cantilevered over the valley. This amazing house is located in Thuringia, Germany and was designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects.
Architect Marlon Blackwell found a simple and efficient way of offering these clients both a lot of privacy and a way to connect to the outdoors. The Srygley Pool House has a closed facade at the front. The ground floor becomes completely open at the back, featuring a glazed facade that faces the pool and garden. This is a residence located in Springdale, Arizona.
Originally built in the 1980s, this house was altered and updated several times and recently a major renovation changed its appearance almost completely. A lot of original features were preserved and used in the new design. The house now looks very stylish, modern and luxurious, especially at night when the pool lights up and the courtyard becomes a magical space. The renovation of the Dalkeith Residence was a project by Hillam Architects.