Houses and pools
Carefully stacked stones help this modern house blend into the landscape. Villa Majesty is a vacation home located in Ibiza, Spain. It has seven bedrooms and spectacular views of the ocean. The infinity pool is immersed into the expansive ocean view, becoming a part of the whole. The lounge deck grounds it and defines the perimeter.
This is actually a hotel that was recently renovated by A31 Architecture. You can find it on the Ios island of Greece. It’s called Relux Ios Hotel and it’s been redesigned to look fresh, modern and casual without losing its sophistication. The volumes that house the suites are organized around a geometric swimming pool on a lower level.
The list continues with a series of five beautiful villas that overlook the Hebil Bay in Bodrum, Turkey. The project is known as the Hebill 157 Houses and was completed by Aytac Architects. The villas are sculptural, with clean and geometric designs and infinity pools that extend towards the bay. The pool and Jacuzzi tub are connected by wooden decks.
After being transformed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects, this beautiful seaside residence became better connected to its surroundings, the views and the landscape. The connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces is almost seamless. An infinity pool is placed between the house and the bay, emphasizing the connection with the surroundings even more.
The pool house you see here used to be a rustic country home in Capezzano Pianore, Italy. It was transformed into a guest house in 2013 by architect Marco Innocenti. The interior was modernized but a lot of the original charm was preserved. The poolside lounge space is perhaps the most beautiful attraction, being surrounded by vegetation and enjoying both privacy and nice views.
In 2015 the Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel was completed. It was a project by Future Architecture Thinking and it’s located in Grandola, Portugal. Groups of small and interlinked villas are placed in a long row so each one can have expansive views and privacy. One of the groups also has a lower level structure and a pool with a large deck. This would be the main building.
What we love most about the Kloof Road House is not the architectural interior, the sleek décor or the modern pool, although they are all wonderful and interesting. We find the pond that’s partially suspended above the pool and has a transparent side to be extremely beautiful and interesting. The house is located in Johannesburg, South Africa and its been recently extended by Nico van der Meulen Architects.
Most vacation homes and even permanent residences share a strong connection with their surroundings and a lot of those that have pools make water a major element in their design and structure. The Thao Dien House is designed by MM++Architects. Located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the house has an expansive pools that wraps around a large wooden deck and occupies most of the back yard.
Technically it would probably be easier to build the pool into the ground or to level it to the ground floor deck. However, an impressive and panoramic view can better be admired from a higher level. The cantilevered pool built by Arqui+Arquitectura for Casa Vale Do Lobo in Southern Portugal offers an impressive view of the surroundings plus it also looks cool and impressive.
The waterfall is a feature that makes the pool of House The stand out. The residence was a project by Nico van der Meulen Architects and is located in South Africa. The design is sculptural and impressive, featuring large arches and columns and a large terrace that shelters the ground floor living space situated by the pool.