How To Customize Your Outdoor Areas With Original Privacy Screens
A similar idea is to use bamboo screens. You can use large planters or a completely different solution and surround the patio or garden with lovely bamboos.
These privacy screens were built using hog wire fencing and they can be customized according to the specific dimensions and purpose required. They’re tall and simple and they don’t stand out that much
On the other hand, if you want something eye-catching, take a look at this design. The panels are made of steel and glass and they light up at night displaying all sorts of colors
However, sometimes the simpler and most basic idea is also the one that’s best for you. Like a wooden fence built around the patio. It keeps the space private and it’s something you could build yourself.
These are laser cut steel screens with a bamboo motif. They look simple and they’re really versatile and able to adapt to a variety of environments and styles. You can let plants and vines cover them.