Turning Mason Jars Into Light Fixtures
This jar has a nice blue shade but you can choose any type you want.First you attach the light bulb to the lid. Trace around the socket and make tiny holes with a nail and hammer around it. The lid should then fit nicely into the lid. Screw the bulb into the socket and the jar into the lid
To make this pendant light you’ll obvisouly need a few mason jars. In this case, 6 were used. You’ll also need a cookie sheet or cake pan, a piece of wood, metallic spray paint, lamp cord, wire nuts, hanger bolts and wood clamps. Make a hole in the center of the lid and assemble the pieces, then screw in the light bulb.Drill the holes and hang the jars with cord.
Mason jars come in numerous different sizes, shapes and colors so it’s up to you to decide how many you want to use and what kind. This light fixture is made with three mason jars and it’s something you can display in the living room but also on the porch or on the terrace
Here’s a rustic pendant lamp you can purchase already made. It’s a handcrafted item made using lamp wire, glass mason jars, light sockets, cord and chain. It has a simple design and it would fit nicely in just about any room which has a rustic or vintage look
For those of you who prefer industrial charm, we found this great-looking piece. It’s a hanging pendant light made with 5 mason jars. They’re each hanging one below the other and form a spiral. The pendant light was made with vintage cord and large mouth jars
Because of the design, this set of three hanging mason jar pendant lights is called The Hive. It’s a handmade piece crafted using rope, glue and cord. The little decorative bees give it a very cute look. Such a piece could look great in the bedroom.
This one is also made with three mason jars. It has a simple design and a vintage look but it’s actually very versatile and could add charm to the living room, dining area, bedroom or even the kitchen. You can use any kind of jars you prefer. Clear jars are a simple choice but colored ones can also look great.
If you prefer something a little more eye-catching, try a chandelier. This one has three tiers and it’s a piece that would stand out in any décor. It’s great for both the indoors and the outdoors. You can hang it above the kitchen island, above the dining room table or in the living room.
This chandelier is a little bit different. It’s made with 8 mason jars, 4 clear ones and 4 pink ones. It’s perfect for areas with high ceilings and, gives its delicate design, it would look nice in the bedroom but also in the entryway.