Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars
Absolutely perfect for a craft room, bathroom, home office or even in a garage, this mason jar shelving is great for any organizational needs. Cotton ball and q-tips, rubber bands and paper clips, screws and nails … these transparent cubbies will be perfect to see and use all your little items you need to use. And you don’t even have to label each jar since you can see right inside
Bunch up several or line up a few of the jars to create some versatility on your mantle. The colors are soft but the mason jars make the decor more interesting and relaxed. And it couldn’t be easier to do! All you have to do is find the jars you like and place them up there.
Cookies, crackers, pasta, sugar and flour … mason jars are a great place to store anything in the kitchen! It’ll keep everything fresh and organized …. and a bit more stylish too!
Adding a simple tea light inside the jar creates ambiance and romance. Great to decorate the table or a windowsill, mason jar lights are definitely a source of home decor inspiration.
Of course you don’t have to leave the jars plain. You can also change their style and look by adding something to their outside like lace or burlap. Whether you use a candle inside or just stand them up on a side table as a home accessory, adding some fashion to the outside of the jar can change the entire look!
Mason jars act as the perfect planters. Using them to grow some herbs or pot pretty flowers will bring in some organic, natural beauty without having to use the typical, dull and plain pots