Check Out These Ways To Fill Your Apothercary Jars
Organizing and display your jewelry in a way that’s both functional and stylish. They’ll look beautiful on a dresser or vanity.
Candy works great for adding pops of color to the kitchen, dining room or even inside a play room. Of course, it can be a great entertainment piece as well.
When autumn rolls around, you’ll want to add some festivity to the home. Fill up those jars with some small pumpkins of the season
Whether fresh or faux, you can fill those apothecary jars up with petals too. It can be seasonal and they can easily become beautiful centerpieces for the dining room.
Sand, seashells and even starfish can be a way to fill up and jazz up your jars. Set them in bathrooms or even on covered porches for an extra beachy vibe.
Pine cones work for traditional spaces and add seasonal value as well. They’re great for adding texture and fill up empty corners and nooks around the house
When the holidays rolls around, you may want to grab some extra ornaments for an extra bit of festivity. It’s a great and easy way to add some extra spirit around the house.
Whether you’ve made a confetti bar for a party or want to add some fun to the craft room, we love this unique idea. And make sure you add some that sparkles, of course.
Create some Christmas towns inside those jars. These are such fun DIY projects and will act as great holiday decor too.
Cotton balls, sponges and Q-tips, these jars are really great for organizing your bathroom essentials. You get to keep your everyday items stylish and at an arm’s reach.