Ways To Fill Your Apothercary Jars
Similar to confetti, this is a great look for parties. But it’s also a fun way to help decorate your home office or craft rooms
They’re great for organizing the craft room too. From stickers to buttons, use apothecary jars to display and separate in style.
If you stumble upon some extra-small jars, you could make your next dinner party even more memorable. You can fit tiny desserts inside!
Your nail polish collection can be thrown in a jar too. Display them on your vanity and don’t ever lose another bottle.
Pretzels, chips, peanuts and the like can all fit inside varying jars on the kitchen countertops. Make snacks even more accessible and nicely organized by doing it this way.
Here’s another fun item to fill up those jars with. And everyone in the family can grab a fortune after dinner!
When there’s a baby on the way, you’ll be sure to have a stockpile of pacifiers waiting for his/her arrival. Display the lot in an apothecary jar in the nursery!
For whatever reason you may have for having a collection of clothespins. They can be a fun way to add decoration to the laundry room!
Here’s another DIY project we’re loving. Create terrariums out of those apothecary jars you snagged from the craft store!
Take the top off and use the jar to hold your paint brushes inside the craft room or your art studio. Of course, you can use them as decor only as well.