How Fill Your Apothercary Jars
Or you can organize your little girl’s hair bows and headbands inside one of these beauties. Display the collection and find what you need in a jiffy every morning.
They’re great for collection coins as well. Throw in all of your spare change or use it to display a lot that you love.
Bigger jars are perfect for holding your cookie cutters too. We love how these look in the kitchen, but of course, it’s functional too.
Yarn fits well inside as well. So your leftover pieces and stockpile can be displayed quite nicely.
Dress the jars for Easter too! Eggs and a bit of grass can go a long way in this festive, DIY design.
For makeup lovers, you can hide your makeup brushes inside these jars as well. Keep them off countertops and have them ready for you every day.
Slide some paper scraps inside for a specific vision. Antique and vintage feelings can be expressed in this super easy decorative idea
Of course, you can just fill the jar up with antiques themselves. Pick some that inspire you and decorate your personal spaces like home offices or bedrooms
Personally, this is my favorite because I have a jar filled with these liners in my own kitchen! Have them ready for baking any night of the week but display some of your favorites too.
Actual cookies can fit inside. Instead of traditional or boring cookie jars, make grabbing a sweet in the evening a bit more stylish.