Black and White Bar Stools
The classical designs are often the best options when you’re trying to keep the décor simple and timeless. The Lapalma Miunn barstool fits really well in Scandinavian interiors. It features a gently curves wooden shell and its sleek and elegant design makes it very versatile.
For vintage-modern interiors, a different type of design is required and the Rutland counter stool definitely has it. It has a strong metal frame and a few gentle curves that soften its industrial appearance.
Another good example of simple design that fit in a variety of interior designs is that featured by Stool_One by Magis. Here you can see it displayed in a contemporary setting where it complements a large kitchen island.
The Tulip chair has always been stylish and it never really lost its charm. It has a round leather seat and a swivel base. This iconic chair was is a creation of Eero Saarinen who designed it out of fiberglass and gave it a truly timeless shape.
Since black is such a versatile color that basically work great with all other shades, it’s safe to say that black bar stools can look beautiful in any kind of décor as long as the style is the right one. These ones look pretty nice here in this basement.
You can take advantage of a neutral color such as black to emphasize other details in a bar stool’s design. For example, these ones have carved out backrests that give them a very stylish and elegant look and they all serve as focal points for the kitchen
In some cases, the color palette sets certain ground rules. Like this contemporary kitchen that’s mostly white with a few black and gray-beige accents. The black bar stools are the excellent addition to the décor, making everything else come together wonderfully.
A similarly well-balanced décor is featured here. This open floor plan uses a long kitchen island as a divider between the spaces and the black bar stools emphasize this barrier. They match the counter top and the accent wall
Sometimes black is chosen to emphasize certain contrasts, like these bar stools that stand out in this particular setting because they interact with the white walls and wooden counter and floor
Other times, black is chosen because it allows a certain feature to blend in. The dark blue kitchen island featured here supports this idea. The black bar stools fit extremely well in the décor. They blend in but also stand out a little bit because of the color differences.