Black and White Bar Stools In Design
What’s just as simple, timeless and versatile as black but, at the same time, completely different? It;s its rival color, of course. White bar stools are a bit more pretentious but they can be just as stylish, if not even more. The Stack stool is an excellent example to start the list with.
The Eyes bar stool by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen is so cute you just have to have it. It’s a neo-classic, with a simple design and a subtle retro touch. The buttons in the backrest resemble two eyes and, despite the specific design accents, the stool is very versatile.
The curves of the Onda barstool give it a very sophisticated look and that’s because the overall design is very simple. The white version is particularly attractive but the stool comes in a variety of other colors.
This is the same Onda bar stools featured in a different setting. The white combines well with the surrounding décor, keeping the ambiance airy, fresh and sophisticated.
This Tolix replica stool may differ a bit from the original but it definitely keeps the beauty and elegance intact. It offers a simple and affordable way to add a bit of industrial character to a kitchen, basement or living space.
Speaking of which, the Tolix stool known as a Tabouret can definitely add some charm to pretty much any bar or counter. It was originally designed for exterior use but its versatility allowed it to make its way inside the house.
Versatility is the main characteristic of the Hay About A Stool. This piece of furniture is the result of the collaboration between Hee Welling and Hay. The stool is simple, functional and able to adapt to just about any environment.
The same quirky white bar stool is featured in a modern setting, accompanying a fresh and cheerful kitchen decorated in tones of white, steel and with a few strong green and red accents.
Some bar stool designs are more suitable for small spaces than others. A good example is the Lucy counter stool which, with its sleek and versatile design can seamlessly integrate in small kitchens as well as in other areas where space is limited.