Make Your Basement Bar Shine
A bar wouldn’t be complete without a dart board, right? This one plays up the “bar” theme by incorporating a dart board surround crafted out of wine corks. Not only does this look great, but it saves the wall from dents and dings as well.
Stone has the ability to look rustic and warm yet still structured and chic. This light-toned stone on the bar wall and island merges the basement bar with the rest of the brightened basement space, making it feel more like a luxe getaway than a basement.
While you could possibly find a vintage lighted sign that speaks to you, you could also follow a tutorial and create your own. The benefits of DIYing something like this for your basement bar are many, including creating the exact size, shape, and message you want.
You can really squeeze a bar into even a tight basement space – like this long, shallow basement bar space. Beautiful finishes (wood planked cabinet faces, gorgeous hexagon backsplash tile) make this bar a focal point that enhances the entire basement…which isn’t easy when a billiards table is in the mix!
Transform the vibe of a basement bar into that of a cheerful café…which happens to reside in a basement. Plenty of great lighting by way of wall sconces, some light and bright colors, and well-thought-out cabinetry and appliances makes this space feel fresh and inviting, basement or no.
A creative idea is to turn the bar itself into an architectural feature – as this gorgeous waterfall bar does here. Lightened up colors keep things fresh as well
This idea could certainly be transferred into a basement bar setup, with gorgeous results. Want the functionality and accessibility of a basement bar, but not the look of a bar in your basement? This compact kitchen/bar idea is for you. Stylish armoire by day, basement bar by night.