How To Make The Most Of A Bar Height Table
Although standard height tables which are 28” to 30” tall are the most common and thus come in more sizes, designs and finishes, this doesn’t mean that bar height tables are scarce and defined by poor designs and limited options. There are plenty of designs to choose from and even more to create from scratch using specific details and unique features.
Bar height and countertop height tables can easily be mistaken one for the other. They’re pretty similar, with few differences between them. However, while counter-height tables are usually 34” to 36” tall, a bar height table is somewhere around 40” to 42” tall. Also, they’re sometimes referred to as pub height tables.
A bar height table requires bar stools which should have a height of 28” to 30”. They’re often used in combination with home bars and kitchen islands. There would have to be a height difference between the table and the island. This makes the design a bit more dynamic and also lets you play with various heights and shapes.
Bar height tables are always very casual by comparison with standard tables which tend to be more formal. This makes them suitable for a more relaxed atmosphere and a modern or contemporary environment.
Bar height tables are pretty common in kitchens. They’re often used as space dividers between the kitchen and the rest of the open floor plan and they’re usually accompanied by bar stools that can slide under it to save space.
Another important characteristic of a bar height table is the fact that it’s tall and thin. This is a perfect example. In this case the table is an extension of the kitchen island, being placed at an angle on one of the sides. It doesn’t take up much space and this makes it a practical feature.
Because these tables are thin and narrow, this allows them to fit in spaces where no traditional table would. For example, they can fit in a small nook, allowing you to create a cozy breakfast area. It can also be a casual addition to a small terrace.
Based on the same principles, you should consider a bar height table for a small room if you prefer a casual and relaxed atmosphere and would also like to save some space.
The difference between standing and sitting becomes very blurred in the case of a bar height table. This also often applies to kitchen islands which a tall countertop, placed significantly higher than a regular counter or table.
Standard height tables are considered by most more comfortable to sit at. They’re also better suited for disabled people. However, this shouldn’t be a big impediment if you prefer the counter to be taller.