Colorful Bar Stools For Your Family Kitchen
For the country kitchen with it’s whitewashed cabinets and butcherblock countertop, consider putting these yellow metal bar stools at the counter. They’ll be perfect for Saturday morning pancake making helpers to perch on.
Even the most minimal kitchens could use a shade of pattern. These white bar stools show off a hexagon seat that promises to bring a bit of flair to your space
While these cushy seats are perfect for after school snacks and helping with homework, the beautiful jewel tones beckon you to sit with a glass of your favorite wine after all the kids are in bed. How can you say no?
Oh la la! Who wouldn’t want to have coffee and granola from this French styled bar stool every morning? You’ll probably want to wait until the kids are a little older to introduce these to your kitchen but once they are, use them to enjoy some quiet morning moments before you’re running them to all their activities
Orange is one of the happiest colors so why wouldn’t you add it to your kitchen? These metal bar stools will give a smile to any Monday morning, along with being easy to wipe clean after supper.
It takes a dedicated shopper to find that perfect piece between family friendly and adult chic. Thankfully, this bar stool says all that. It’s all party on top and class on the bottom, exactly like a family should be.
Say hello to charm and color with this bright and happy bar stool. Who cares if there isn’t much pink in your kitchen. Choosing a set of these will bring just that bit of blush you were looking for without making you feel like you need to pinkify the rest of your home.
Rattan anything should always be snatched up, whether it be a chair or a bed or a planter. So you should have no trouble at all opting for these bar stools. They’ll bring just some beachy vibes to your space in a flash. (
You can be sure that a linear design like this one will always be in style. Plus, blue is basically a neutral color now so no matter what your style is in the future, you can be sure that these bar stools will be a part of it forever.
Such bright and happy bar stools just can’t be left out of your kitchen. The best part, being metal, they’ll be sturdy enough to take outdoors for extra seating when you have parties on your patio. Multi-purpose for the win.