The Benefits Of Lap Pools And Their Distinctive Designs
Typically, lap pools are rectangular in shape although other designs exist as well. Its their defining shape that makes then ideal for narrow or shallow lots. They’re a great way to stay fit and among the many health benefits they offer the most well-known include hydrotherapy.
Having and using a lap pool helps decrease anxiety and depression and improve mood. These pools are also used for recreational swimming. They allow one to get a good and pleasant workout and also relax plus they help improve posture and flexibility.
Being long and narrow, lap pools can fit in tight space on lots where there would normally not be enough space for such a feature. This is one of the great advantages of having such a distinctive shape.{found on ashleycoledesign}.
A lap pool can fit in a small backyard and it can be an extension of the outdoor relaxation area, next to the deck. Though the pool, the outdoor dining space and the lounge area seem a bit too close together here, they fit nicely on the lot
This is indeed a tight fit but having the pool so close to the house has its advantages too. For example, one can touch the water from inside the house by opening the window, relax in the reading corner and find serenity.
A lap pool is perfect for early morning swims. Start the day on a high note by exercising a little bit and you’ll be fresh and reinvigorated in no time. A wonderful way to combine relaxation and workout.
Surround the lap pool with a grassy area and frame it with a row of beautiful flowers. This pool also has a lovely view, being surrounded by nature. It’s one of the reasons why privacy is not an issue
The design, size and shape of the house allow the lap pool to sit parallel to it and keep the whole design clean, with straight and simple lines. A Jacuzzi is placed in the continuation of the pool, completing it.
This is a combination between a lap pool and a spa which is basically just a rectangular extension similar to a jacuzzi. There’s a wall between so the two are separate and can function independently.
The backyard is a really great spot for a lap pool. Even if the space is small, the pool can still fit in there given how slender it is. This even leaves enough space for an adjacent lounge area