The Distinctive Designs Of Lap Pools
A lateral lap pool is a smart addition to the house. The grassy area on the side creates a serene and relaxing ambiance and the small garden has a similar effect. The large tree is a really wonderful feature as well
This is a really interesting lap pool which is not built into the ground. Instead, it stands on the deck. The row of bamboo plants placed along the wall are a really nice detail and so are the uplights
This modern family home was designed by HYLA Architects and it too has a lap pool, discreetly and nicely placed along the house, framing the indoor social area. The interior spaces open onto the pool and narrow deck through a sliding wall.
The OM House designed by Studio Guilherme Torres has a minimalist and modern lap pool that seamlessly fits into the terrace without standing out. It’s almost like a mirror that reflects the sky and the features around it.
The pool that Patkau Architects built for the Shaw House in Vancouver is quite unique and unusual. It’s a cantilevered lap pool with glass bottom which filters the light and transmits magical ripples onto the entry area underneath.
When A-001 Taller de Arquitectura designed the Block House project in Mexico City, they wanted the indoor and outdoor spaces to communicate and to share a strong connection. So the lap pool was designed to connect with the indoor social spaces in a natural way.
Although most of the times lap pools and narrow in order to fit in small spaces, that’s not always the case. The Picture Frame House by DSDG Inc. Architects has a lap pool that impresses with its size and which is a focal point for the entire residence.
In Melbourne, Australia, there’s something called the Pamela Anderson Home. It’s a contemporary residence which features a wonderful balance of open and private space. It also has a lap pool that naturally blends in.
Because of their shape, lap pools often sit parallel to the house, from end to end. This means they usually have custom lengths in order to create a sort of symmetry with the house so everything can fall into place perfectly
Bayden Goddard Architects designed the Amalfi Residence, a contemporary riverside residence in Australia which has a lovely lap pool that’s directly connected to it. This makes the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces seamless and easy.