Concrete Projects In Design
Another useful project can be a concrete cutting board. To make one, you need a plastic mold, concrete mix, a wire whisk, a stir stick, water and canola oil. Sand down the board if it has rough edges
This project is so easy I don’t even know what to say about it. You basically need a milk carton and some concrete mix. Cut along the side to make a flap lid and cut out holes large enough for the candles to fit inside. The rest doesn’t need directions
Maybe you’ve this type of concrete fire columns…they look beautiful. This is a DIY version with candles instead of the flames. To make the concrete bases you need cardboard building forms
This rather rough-looking candle holder, if you can call it like that, was made in a baking pan. After you pour in the concrete, you insert the candles. You let the cement dry and then you can burn them out completely to make room for new ones.
What’s nice about these particular candle holders is that you can either use them individually or you can stack them. They’re quite easy to make and you don’t need much time nor lots of supplies for the project
You can basically use anything as a mold and fill it with concrete, even the bottom portion of a plastic bottle. Cut out the top of the bottle, pour in the cement, make the holes for the candles and then wait
You can also use an empty soda can as a mold. After you pour the concrete into the mold, put the candle on top and put something on it so it doesn’t get pressed up. Let the concrete dry, remove it from the mold and you have a votive.
To make any kind of concrete planter you basically need two types of concrete boxes or two types of containers. They need to be in two sizes: a bigger one for the mold and a smaller one for the interior. After that you can spray paint the planters
The two containers you use for the mold don’t necessarily have to be placed symmetrical one the center of the other. For a more modern look, choose a design similar to this one. It’s very chic and the planters would make a lovely gift
An easy project you might like is lamp base made of concrete. You just need to figure out the shape you want to give it and the size, to make a mold and to let the concrete do the rest. The whole thing can be done in just a few minutes and then you simply wait