Unique Chandeliers Made Out Of Recycled Wine Bottles
Two wine-bottle chandelier are hanging above the heavy dining table and their design is actually fitting for this room. Given how robust the table is, the chandeliers look pretty heavy too. An interesting idea to explore further if, for example, you have a dining room with a high ceiling.
A quirky wine bottle chandelier can be an unexpected feature to complement your dining room with. The green glass tones can coordinate with the table, armchairs or other elements in the room. This particular chandelier is from Pottery barn. You could made something similar yourself and personalize it with whatever colors or shapes you want.
Sure, if you remove the labels on the wine bottles then you get to make a grouping of element featuring the same color. But if you leave them on then the chandelier can look really fun and eclectic and it would also be more eye-catching.
A small dining table needs a smaller wine bottle chandelier. This one only has one row of bottles hanging from the metal ring. It integrates perfectly in the room’s décor with its warm glow and greenish color.
Chandeliers are usually round but they don’t always have to look like that. For example, you can make a liner wine bottle chandelier and it can be a simple and fun DIY project with a bottle cutter. Make it colorful by using bottles with different tints and by leaving the labels on.
Simple, versatile and fit for any occasion, this chandelier can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, you can control the size, the color, the lighting and even the type of bottles you want to display
And don’t be fooled by the rather traditional designs of most wine bottle chandeliers. They can also feature more modern structures, such as this Starburst chandelier made using 6 bottles and plumping pipes and fittings. The combination of metal and glass gives it a chic industrial look
And if using wine bottles to make a chandelier just isn’t unique and unusual enough for you, take a look at this piece. It’s a chandelier made out of a wine barrel plus the bottles we keep talking about. The bottles are filled with string lights.
This glamorous design is handmade using 16 dead leaf green bottles and a black wrought iron textured rim plus a brass drop arm candelabra. It can be suspended by a rod or by chains. It can be further customized and can be mounted pretty much anywhere. This particular one, for example, is decorated with a holiday garland.
Perfect for eclectic kitchens, this chandelier is made using 24 wine bottles and they’re all hanging from a wood riddling rack. Since each bottle is unique and lends artistic beauty to the chandelier, this makes every light fixture a one-of-a-kind creation. If you supply your own bottles you can personalize the chandelier even more.