creative wine bottle storage ideas
If you have a small kitchen and you lack the space for a wine rack or a similar storage solution, you can solve that problem by creating a series of bottle-shaped compartments on the upper part of the walls. This way the bottles are kept safe and at a nice temperature and they take no floor space or counter space.
This is a very ingenious and creative storage idea. All you need is a log cut to the dimensions of your house. It needs to go from the floor to the ceiling and to have some sort of support system that prevents it to fall down. Then drill some holes in the log. It’s where the wine bottles will go. They need to fit like in the picture. You can have as many holes as you want.
An ordinary shelf can be easily turned into a wine rack. You just need some pieces of wood that will help you delimitate the spaces for the bottles. You can place them in an oblique position and they’ll be parallel with each other. The shelf in this case is placed above the refrigerator which might not be the best place for it. You can come up with something else, depending on your possibilities.
A similar idea is to create a series of narrow shelves, as high as a wine bottle, where you can safely store them. The shelves can be a practical part of the kitchen island and, when not used as wine racks, they can also serve as regular storage compartments.
In this case, the shelves have just the right dimensions for a wine bottle. They would be too small or too narrow for anything else but they are perfect for wine bottles. Such shelves can be made a part of the kitchen island of storage cabinets usually found in the kitchen. They take little space and they solve a big problem