Selecting The Right Flower Vase For Your Décor
For example, consider the size of the vase. A large vase can look beautiful if you place it on the floor, in the corner of the room or if you want to use it to display some tall flowers or branches.
Small vases can be packed full with color. You can use them as accessories for the dining table or simple to add color to certain parts of a room.
The shape of the vase is also important. Depending on what type of flower arrangement you want to create, you can either get a thin and tall vase or a short, bowl-shaped one.
A vase can feature an eye-catching, sculptural form in which case it would stand out regardless of the type of flowers you display in it. Highlight its beauty with the right lighting or by placing it in a strategic spot.
Then there’s also color and material to worry about. The transparent glass vases are the most versatile but sometimes you need something different. For example, this metallic vase pairs great with the blue flowers, the mirror and the dark table.
The vase shouldn’t overpower the flowers. So, for example, if you want to display bright red flowers, the vase should be as simple as possible, preferably, transparent and with a minimalist form.
The vase shouldn’t obstruct other elements of décor. For example, if you place it in front of the bathroom mirror, it should be short enough to still let you see yourself in the mirror without any inconveniences.