How To Make Unique Home Accessories Using Tree Branches
If you want to make a floor lamp out of a tree branch then you’ll need a really long branch or perhaps even a small tree. But don’t even think about cutting off a living tree. Find out fallen on the ground or all dried up. After all, the whole point is to respect nature not to destroy it. In any case, secure the branch in a large planter or using some other method and then wrap your cord around it so the lamp or light bulb can hang at the desired height.
To make a branch pendant lamp or chandelier you’ll first have to decide on the size and shape you want it to have. Actually, you can first search for a beautiful branch and then decide on the design of the light fixture. A good place to display it would be above the dining table for example.
A simple and ingenious way of being certain you have a unique, one-of-a-kind table lamp is to craft it yourself and to use a tree branch for the base. A detailed tutorial for the project can be found on themerrythought. You’ll need a branch, a light socket, a lamp shade, a light bulb, extension cord, a piece of wood, a saw, a drill, pliers and wood glue.