Easy DIY Coat Rack Design Ideas
This is a coat rack that’s easy to do and can be done in a week-end when you have some free time. It uses actual hangers and this makes it both eye-catching and very versatile and functional. The hangers are mounted on a piece of wood that’s attached to the wall. The best part about using hangers is that the hooks can be turned any way you want. It’s a simple feature but it’s very practical as well
If you prefer something a little more fun and unusual, then take a look at this coat hanger. To make a similar one you’ll need toy animals, a small saw, glue, scrap wood and paint. First paint the scrap wood and then gather the zoo animals and carefully cut them in half. Arrange the animals on the wood block and mix them up. Use glue to attach them to the scrap wood and let them dry for about a day.
A wood pallet would also make a great coat rack. Before you get to mount it on the wall and add the hooks you’ll have to paint it. You can select several colors and paint each section a different shade. You’ll get a colorful and beautiful coat rack which you can mount on the wall near the entrance or anywhere else.
Here’s another interesting idea: use faucets to make hooks for your coat hanger. You can either buy them or use some that you already have and don’t need anymore. You can attach them to a piece of wood or to any other structure that could serve as a base for your coat rack.
For the children we have another fun design. It’s a Lego coat rack. It has three hooks and it’s made of several pieces that look like Lego pieces. They are brightly colored and they look both fun and functional. The hooks are great for hanging jackets, backpacks, etc. You can make the block by yourself or ask someone else to help
A coat rack doesn’t necessarily have to have a strange or unusual shape in order to stand out. It can be very simple but also very bold. For example, this coat rack is made of a simple piece of wood and has a few hooks mounted on it. The wood has been painted with chevron stripes. It’s a quite simple process. You first have to paint the board a base color and then use a stencil to paint the contrast color
Here’s another version of a coat rack with animal hooks. To make this one you’ll need a wooden board, sandpaper, primer, paint, animal templates, adhesive stencil film, patterning tape, hooks, screws and hanging hardware. First sand the board and then apply the primer and paint. Print the animal templates and cut a piece of adhesive stencil film and make two wide strips. Cut the animal shapes and then remove the templates. Adhere the pieces to the board and paint them if you want. Paint the hooks to match the animals.
This coat rack is made from a wooden pallet. You’ll need four pieces of the same length and then two more pieces for the back. Hammer them down and the coat hanger is almost done. Add some nails and the hooks and mount the coat rack on the wall. It’s very simple and it’s very practical
This is another ingenious coat rack design. It features old door locks and knobs. They are mounted on a wooden board and they are perfect for holding your jackets as well as your keys. It’s a very clever idea and the design is both simple and playful. It would fit beautifully in almost type of home.
This is a letter coatrack. To make it you’ll need wire cutters, wire pliers, heavy metal wire, coated telephone wire, tape and fishing wire. First decide on the message you wish to transmit and spell out the letters from one continuous piece of heavy wire. Then wrap the letters tightly in colored wire. Then decide how many hooks you’ll need. Wrap the wire from the letters to the wire on one of the coat hooks and use fishing wire to attach them