Coat Rack Design Ideas
This is an insulator coat rack, another interesting idea for a design. To make it you’ll need a wooden board, a few insulators and pegs. You’ll have to support the insulators with pegs so first cut them to the needed length and drill a hole in each. Screw them to the base. Use glue to coat the bottom and top of the insulators and place on top of the pegs. You can use it indoors or outside
This coat rack has a very cute and playful design. It’s made of a simple wooden board with a smaller piece that serves as a tiny shelf for the toys to sit on. The toys serve as hooks. So first choose the ones you want to use and then arrange them on the board. When you’re happy with the arrangement, attach each toy to the board either with glue or with plastic straps.
This is a stylish and chic coat rack. To make it you’ll need a piece of wood, knobs, screws, a screwdriver and some paint. First paint the piece of wood the desired color and let it dry. Then make light marks on the wood with a pencil. These will later show you where to place the knobs. Then attach the screws and twist the knobs onto them.
These are a few modern designs with intriguing features. The coat racks not only look unusual but they also offer you inspiration for similar projects. The base for these coat racks are made of pipes or at least elements that look just like pipes. The hooks are faucets, all featuring the same design and size for a more cohesive and minimalist look.
Paddles make interesting decorations for a home. You can simply mount them on the wall and they’ll become an eye-catching feature. But you can also turn them into something more useful, like a coat rack for example, all you have to do is attach some hooks to the paddle and mount it on the wall. Be careful not to damage the paddle when you install the hooks
A similar idea would be to use skis. This coat rack would look lovely in the children’s room. Use one of their old skis to make the base for the coat rack and then attach some hooks. The hooks can be antiqued for a more nostalgic look. This design would also look good in the mudroom, entryway and basically anywhere else
Lots of things can be repurposed and turned into a coat rack. For example, you could use an old yardstick. You should first decide on the size of the coat rack and cut the yardstick to the desired length. Then get some iron hooks and measure the distance between them. Attach them to the yardstick and also add some accessories or decorations if you want
And since we were talking about vintage and repurposed features, here’s another interesting coat rack design. This one is made from an old window panel. It has been placed horizontally and mounted on the wall. Its worn look and aged finish gives it character. The hooks are simple and painted to match the base.