Cool Staircase Designs
Stairs take up a lot of space no matter what type of staircase you choose for your home. That’s why concealing some storage inside of them is a wonderful idea. Looking at these brightly-colored stairs, you wouldn’t suspect that there’s anything hidden within.
The same thing goes here. This time the stairs hide pull-out drawers which are perfect for the storage of shoes and lots of other things.
The carved out slits give away the fact that there’s something unusual about these stairs. Not only that they offer storage for all the shoes but there’s also a secret pull-out wine rack in there.
In case you want to keep the stair treads small and simple, you can have some storage hidden in the side of the staircase. It can be like a secret wall nook similar to the one that Fraher Architects designed for this staircase.
Another possibility for staircases with floating stairs or other similar designs is to have some storage integrated into a platform that is basically just an elongated bottom tread.
Another possibility is to put all the storage on the side of the staircase or on the adjacent wall that supports it. Here you can see a combination of pull-out shelves and open compartments.L’atelier miel designed such a staircase for one of their projects.
When you think about it, staircases and bookshelves go hand in hand. A lot of interesting combinations can be created and one example is this floor-to-ceiling bookcase which hides an interesting feature: a camouflaged flight of stairs that offer access to the loft space.
If the need for storage is greater than the need of a traditional staircase, this design could work wonderfully. The stairs are big and they each offer lots of room underneath for several rows of books.It’s a design by mlnp Architects which really inspires us to think outside the box.
The stairs and bookshelves combo is very nicely balanced here. The bookcase is a series of open geometric compartments of different shapes and sizes and the stairs are hanging and appear to be floating Luigi Rosselli Architects
It’s hard to say where this is mainly a bookcase or a staircase. Both functions are equally well integrated into the design. This interesting combo is the work of Marc Koehler Architects and it perfectly describes the concept we had in mind.