Contemporary Houses And Their Inspiring Garages
Located in Los Angeles, this contemporary residence was designed by Anonymous Architects. They came up with a daring and unusual idea for the residence’s garage and positioned it on the roof. The open air garage is situated directly above the living space. It’s an unusual and expected idea but one that works in the case of this residence, considering where it’s located and the landscape around it.
This is a house located in San Francisco, California. It was designed by Craig Steely Architecture and the team tried to build the structure in such a way as to disturb the surrounding landscape as little as possible. The house has a garage facing the street, on the ground floor. But because there was no room for the garage door to slide sideways, the architects designed it with a central hinge and two sections which allow the door to fold.
The Elis Residence was designed by Coates Design Architects and it features a simple and modern structure. The living spaces are situated on the first floor and the ground level is partially occupies by a car port. It provides parking space for two cars and it has no enclosing walls other the supporting structure for the house.
Designed for a young couple by David Barr & Ross Brewin, this beach house sits above a natural limestone outcrop. The interior is divided into two zones: one is the night area and one is the day zone and they’re separated by a corridor.The garage is part of the living space on the ground floor and it’s just a covered area tucked underneath and house.
Designed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos and is located in Jalisco, Mexico. Built in 2007, the house has a contemporary structure and architecture. The rear of the building is almost completely open onto the exterior. The garage is built on an angle and situated underneath the house. In a way, we could say that this is a residence with underground parking.
Featuring a minimalist, black and white design, this residence was a project by Andres Remy Arquitectos and is located in Buenos, Aires, Argentina. The focus of the project was on functionality and simplicity. The house has a pool along the lot which can be seen from any part of the residence. Another functional feature is the garage, situated underneath and cantilevered volume.
The Kre House was designed by Japanese studio No.555 Archtiectural Design Office for a sports car enthusiast. The house features a huge garage which can accommodate nine cars. But the house has another impressive feature: an elevator which can bring the owner’s favorite car right into the living room. A portion of the floor slides away and the car appears from underneath.
This Edwardian cottage recently got a modern extension. The project was completed by March Studio for this house is Melbourne, Australia. The original structure was a heritage building so the exterior had to remain intact. The extension, however, has a very unusual and unexpected shape. It contains the day area, the garage and the playroom. The garage sits underneath the elevated structure and it’s an open air space.
The Empire is a house designed by Residential Attitudes near Perth, Western Australia. It has a clean and simple design and a balanced structure with a perfect indoor-outdoor connection. The ground floor is partially occupied by the garage which is next to the entrance. Above it is the living area with a spacious open balcony.
Laurel Way is a house located in Beverly Hills, California. It was a project by Whipple Russell Architects and it has a very dramatic design. Each room was designed individually. The dramatic look also comes from the contrasting combinations of materials and textures. The house features panoramic views of the landscape and the city from every room, including from the garage which is situated on the ground floor.