Ideas Of Inspiring Garages
This is the Wiley residence, located in New Cannan, Connecticut. It was designed by Philip Johnson back in the 50s and, recently, it was restored. Part of the project was also the addition of an extension to the original house. This extension is a concrete volume and is a combination between a pool house and a garage. The structure is partially integrated into the hillside.
Traditional and modern architecture meet in South Africa where we found this unique residence. It’s the Wright House and it can be found in Durban. It combines two very different architecture styles. It has a thatched roof and glazed walls. The unusually-shaped volume features a niche underneath which is actually the garage. It’s an open air space protected by the house on one side and a small fence on the other.
This modern retreat can be found in Galicia, Spain. It was a project by architect Quico Jorreto and it has an innovative design consisting of three separate sections. A very interesting feature is the carport which doubles as an external patio and has a large glass enclosure housing a lounge area with views of the magnificent landscape surrounding the residence.
The Wooden Cube House was designed by 81.WAW.PL. It’s a modern home with wooden and glass walls and an overall simple and clean design. At the front of the property there’s an hidden garage. It’s basically just a white platform. This minimalist approach was also used throughout the house and influences both the indoor and outdoor design and décor.