Time To Sort Out The Mess – 20 Tips For A Well-Organized Garage
It’s much better to store things on the walls than to waste floor space. So get all your stuff sorted out and come up with a system that best suits your garage
Everyone has at least two or three types of tape they keep in the garage or workshop and usually they all sit in a drawer and you have to dig for them and then get the scissors to cut a little piece and it’s all a drag. Save time and energy with a tape dispenser like this one.
Since the old furniture usually ends up in the garage anyway, you might as well recycle it and make it useful. For example, a file cabinet can become a great storage unit for all sorts of utensils and tools.
Things you usually use in the kitchen, like spice containers, can also be useful in the garage. For example, you can organize and store your nails and other small things in containers like these ones. Mount them on the wall so you don’t waste counter space and label them
Another very useful item can be a magnetic tool holder. It’s similar to a magnetic knife holder used in the kitchen and it’s easy to install and to use.
Pegboards can be quite useful in home offices but they can be just as practical in the garage. Hang all your tools and utensils on a board, save space and keep them all organized and easy to grab whenever needed.
One of the most common things you usually find in a garage is a bike and it’s usually just resting against the wall or sits in a corner. But you can be creative and find a much better place for it. Use a bike stand. You can either buy one or make it yourself
If you have a scooter or if you bought some for your kids, don’t just throw them in the garage wherever you can find some space. Be smart and save space with a scooter stand which you can easily build yourself.
Those who enjoy spending time outdoors and have sporty personality will find this idea perfect for their garage. This is a wall storage system for your sports equipment, from bikes to helmets, snowboards and so on.
Things like basketballs, footballs or baseballs don’t usually have a designated space in the garage. They’re either just put all together in a big box which makes it hard for you to find the ball you need or they’re forgotten in a corner or under the car. Wouldn’t it be much better to have a storage system like this one?