Tips For A Well-Organized Garage
Although this may not be something all of you could use, if you regularly use spray paints then you should come up with a storage idea for all the bottles. The gutter works perfectly in this case.
A great idea for the garage is to have wire shelves and containers. They’re easy to install and use and they may not look very fancy but it’s ok for the garage. Also, the wire crates and containers let you see what’s stored inside.
If you’re all out of space on the walls, then you still have the ceiling left. You can have suspended storage containers hanging from the ceiling or platforms on which you can store items you rarely use.
It may not seem like a big deal but having a practical storage system for the hose can be very useful. You can also add a shelf or cubby for the hose nozzles and other gardening tools you usually use.
How do you store your screwdrivers? Are they all thrown in a box ad you have dig for the one you need? You could use a better system. Try this idea: a screwdriver storage shelf which also doubles as a coat rack. The other rack is practical too as it lets you identify the items at a glance
Learn to recycle and re-purpose items and you can make your life a lot easier. For example, cut a PVC pipe in small pieces and use them to make a storage system which will support your gardening tools or other items such as brooms, mops and other things with long and thin handles
Keep all your gardening things in one place, preferably close to the garage door so you can easily grab them without making a mess all over the place. Install shelves for cans and other things, hooks for bags and a wall-mounted system for the big tools.
Sometimes cabinets are the best answer to your storage problems. So maybe you have a cabinet or two you no longer need in the kitchen or, even better, maybe you can make one specifically for the garage and for the things you want to store inside.