DIY Storage Solutions For A Well-Organized Garage
For the small things you can use pegboards on the walls. It’s a way of nicely organizing things like small tools and supplies so you always know where to look for them when you need something. Include a variety of storage systems such as hooks, boxes, shelves, etc
The best thing about pegboards is that they let you save floor space. All the items that usually stay in a box are now displayed in plain sight, easy to identify and find when needed. This storage system should be used for the small things that you usually spend a lot of time looking for.
In addition to being very practical and easy to install, pegboards are also very cheap. In addition, you can accessorize them in a lot of different ways, according to the nature of the objects you want to store this way.
Mount pegboards on the wall in front of your workbench. This way you’ll have everything gathered in one place and you won’t have to look elsewhere you the items that you need. Organize the objects according to categories. It can be by size, shape, color, use or however else you want.
Pegboard panels can also be used for items other than tools. For example, store your sports equipment in this manner. Use containers for small things like gloves, balls and other things and keep your skis, helmets and other things ion the wall as shown on Cleanandscentsible.
For the tiny things like screws and nails you can use plastic containers. If you have a shelf on your pegboard, permanently attach the lids to its underside and then you can just twist to attach or remove the container
Great way of keeping your garden tools organized and labeled on the wall is offered on Ashbeedesign. Here, PVC pipes were attached to wooden planks and the mounted on the wall. Each garden tool now has its own slot.
A different method of storing and organizing large garden tools is offered on Hometalk. This time wooden pallets were used to create a storage system for them. The project is simple and all you need is a pallet which you can sand and paint or customize however you want.
Everyone knows how practical and useful magnetic knife racks are in the kitchen. So use that as inspiration for your garage. Things like screwdrivers, drill bits, nails and other things can be kept organized and easy to grab by using magnetic storage.
A very practical storage idea for your screwdriver collection is to have a simple wooden wall-mounted shelf with a few holes in it. You just drill the holes and then each screwdriver can occupy one slot. Making the shelf is really simple and you can use the instructions on Freshcrush for the project.