DIY Garage Storage Solutions
If you have more than one soccer ball or basketball in your garage, then it’s worth implementing a storage system for them so you don’t trip over them whenever you’re looking for something else in the garage. The corner storage system featured on 100things2do is a really great idea. Also, it’s easy to build.
The ball storage system can be integrated into a much larger wall unit that gathers all your sports equipment in one place. Here you can keep your tennis racquets, snowboards, even your bike. Design the unit according to the items that you want to store there
Where do you keep all your power tools. Sure, usually they each come with a box but those occupy space and make it difficult to grab them when needed. A much more practical and space-efficient solution is offered on Woodworkingtips. The storage shelf featured here is something you can easily build yourself and adapt to your own needs and tool collection.
When you have limited floor space and a lot of things that need to go in that space, vertical storage is your best option. The pull-out systems featured on Hometalk allow you to transform your garage into the ultimate storage room. There’s a space here for everything. This is ideal if you have a lot of tools that need to be kept organized.
Regardless of how well organized you are, there are always some things that don’t really belong anywhere and you just end up hiding them in the corner of a shelf or drawer. But if you really want everything to be perfectly organized, then come up with a storage solution for those things in particular. On Azdiyguy you can find a great idea: buckets mounted at a nice angle, perfect for keeping miscellaneous items in.
Seasonal items and other things which you only use at certain times throughout the year occupy valuable floor space the rest of the time. The solution to this problem is really simple: overhead storage to free up the floor for other things. For this you can use shelves, boxes, hooks and all sorts of other methods and systems.
A shelving system such as the one described on Ana-white can become the main storage piece for the garage. Everything can be organized in boxes and containers. Use labels to make it easier to find the item you’re looking for. You can also color-label everything.
Check out the simple shelving units. They’re perfect for organizing and storing buckets, jars and all sorts of containers.
The pegboards are used for small items. All the basic tools can be found here, including a handsaw, hammer, a set of screwdrivers and other similar things. The painbrushes are kept all in one place inside a tin can.
All the spray paints are organized using show storage pockets. The idea is not only smart but also really practical and simple.